Roots in Eden

How to raise capital and resources (want to invest? [email protected]

  • Grant funding 
  • Direct capital injection (15% return on investment)
  • Equity Stake (49% public offering) (cash, sweat, or land)


  • Create employment opportunities for our youths 
  • Change the viewpoint that farming is for the poor and unsuccessful. 
  • Work smart, not hard. The advancement of technology has pushed the industry forward so the hard labor of the previous generation is no longer required.
  • Build out a software platform that facilitates the selling of goods, advertises eco-tourism, and a management system for the booking of rooms for the distributed hotel. 
  • Produce quality free content (three shows: a farming show, a cooking show, a travel show, and articles for each content type)  to boost the exposure for the business
  • Use all mediums of digital marketing to promote Vincentian produce, products, and hospitality.
  • Document the process and make it available to the public so others can have the information to emulate the process. 



  • Attempt to create a centralized bulk ordering system to source crops from farmers to standardize pricing and maintain consistency.   
  • Crop in. Product Out. (High-quality packaging + Digital marketing) 
    • Teabags (Ginger, lemongrass, mint) 
    • Egg Product
    • Seasoning 
    • Evaluate imported products that can be made locally. Create a product to substitute. Repeat.
  • Healthy living is a major world focus, tap into that sector by combining our local herbs and produce with the e-commerce platform, video content, and digital marketing.
  • Create a land bank of unused farmlands with agreements in place with the owners which would be made available to the public to encourage individuals who are interested in farming but do not have the lands to farm.   
  • Using the e-commerce platform to create a subscription model for a scheduled supply of produce.  
  • Capitalize on the penetration of YouTube and social media to create a cooking show that features local produce. This will generate recipe suggestions that will feed into the e-commerce platform. (Meal Kits)
  • Rethinking YES program by making it sustainable (Raising capital to provide jobs at every level of the stack) 
  • Finding the highest return on investment for products by connecting produce with international markets.



  • Centralized e-commerce platform (Web + Mobile app) with traffic generators (Videos + Articles) 
  • Introduce technology-focused products to the market using either a subscription model or a direct purchase model
    • 4G + solar + security camera 
    • Drip irrigation
    • Hydroponics
    • Research, create the product, introduce it to the market. Repeat.
  • A centralized manufacturing hub. Sourcing a cost-effective prefab building to quickly build a platform for the “Crop in, Product out” model. 
  • Create a Think Tank that focuses on Research in:
    • Technologies that would work for St. Vincent
    • Climate resilience
    • Organic farming
    • Eco-friendly construction
  • Generate income by offering marketing and technology as a service for local farmers through either a subscription model or a flat fee. 


  • Using beautiful log cabins to create a distributed eco-hotel by building out a web platform that links several farms and experiences to create a cohesive hotel experience.
  • Work with farmers to create unique experiences for potential guests. (Butterfly  sanctuary, bird feeders to attract birds, unique crops guests can enjoy etc)
  • The focus of this experience would be an eco-friendly approach to restoring the visitor’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. 
  • Creating partnerships with local businesses that provide eco-tourism experiences for the visitors of the hotel. The software platform would have suggestions of places to eat and things to do on the island. 
  • Clean air, organic food, clean energy, and natural experiences. (Eden)